It is widely accepted to state that language acquisition happens through four domains.  Two of them belong to the Productive Skills: Speaking and Writing.  Having professional English teachers-to-be learning and practicing with such skills is fundamental due to the vital role played by the actual production of language.  It is through the speaking and writing of a person that she can best get her messages across.

Students will have access to the diverse type of scenarios that replicate authentic conversational English.  At the same time, they will be exposed to various writing prompts.   Throughout the semester, undergraduates will be exposed to demonstrative lessons and the corresponding debriefing.  They will also analyze and practice the planning of speaking and writing lessons of wide-ranging type of content applying the ECRIF (Encountering-Clarifying-Remembering-Internalizing-Fluently Using) framework.  And, for the particular case of writing, they will study how to integrate the Raimes’ framework within ECRIF.  Simultaneously, students will be provided with information about teaching resources, applicable for the productive skills, they could use in order to design meaningful, student-centered classes.